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    NOGUERA CONSULTANCY is an office whose objective is to professionally advise firms, individuals and professionals, counting on a prepared and experienced staff.


    The Oxford English Dictionary defines to advise as to recommend a course of action or to inform about a fact or situation. That piece of advice can be easy to provide in another spheres, and not to have almost consequences; however, it is not this way in the area of professional advising: It is necessary to study the case in depth in order to provide a piece of advice, which consequences can come to be very important.


    Due to that, our work characterize itself, above all, by professionalism, based in the deep study of the cases and themes we face, and in the permanent contact with the customer to inform him of the possible ways of acting and its consequences.


    Our work's foundations, aside from the aforementioned previously, are the following:


. Quality, confidentiality, seriousness and personalized treatment.

Attainment of the maximum grade of coverage in advising, integrating the several spheres of it (taxation, labor laws, etc.).


Permanent updating: the recycling of human resources is basic; we carry out it both by doing courses and by the own study from the permanently updated information we dispose of.


Firm commitment on the integration of new technologies at work and on the contact with the customer.


Punctual information on the latest legislative and administrative news that affect the clients' activities.


    Definitively, we're not only talking about "to do accounting", but to provide an ADDED VALUE service to the client.

  Asesoría Noguera
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