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Personal and professional advice

We provide you with the necessary support and advice, to carry out your personal and business projects in the safest and most successful way possible.

More than management, a true advice

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Consulting and planning

Do you want to know how an operation is taxed? What are the consequences of a change of residence? How can a new partner enter your company? We study your case, query or project and we give you answers.
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Planning and management of inheritances and donations

We analyze the previous situation to plan operations in the best possible way, processing all the necessary aspects.
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Estate planning and restructuring

Do you want to reorganize your assets? Are you thinking of passing on your company to your children? Do you want to reorganize your companies? We study your case and inform you of alternatives and tax costs.
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International and non-resident taxation

We advise and carry out the necessary procedures for non-resident companies and individuals with interests in Spain: business creation, taxes, residence.
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Entrepreneurship support

Are you thinking of undertaking an activity on your own? Do you want to create your company? We advise and accompany you in the process. We are an Entrepreneur Support Point (PAE), in order to start your business activity by the CIRCE electronic system
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Tax Compliance

Assistance in the development of a regulatory compliance system at the tax level for the company to help avoiding future liabilities in the event of possible breaches. The Tax Administration will positively value companies that have a regulatory compliance system.


We are a professional firm with a family structure, founded in 1982, currently managed in the second generation.

Asesoría Noguera team

With more than 40 years in the market, our trajectory is marked by the desire to constantly improve the service and by being by the side of our clients at all times.


Our values

The essential principles that govern our work:


Professional ethics

The essential principles that govern our work, each time, as well as on the deontological codes of the professional associations of which we are part. Likewise, we are adhered to the Code of Good Practices for Tax Professionals of the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT).


Education, closeness and personalized treatment

Our treatment will always be polite, respectful and close. Our services are adapted to the characteristics of each client.



We provide all the necessary information regarding our way of acting and the conditions of service.



We focus our efforts on anticipating problems before they arise.


Constant training

It is an inescapable and fundamental commitment in order to try to provide the best possible service.

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Offering confidence

since 1982

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